How to cites:
Hu, P.*, Xu, Y., & Xu, E. (2021). Cultivating the Community Consciousness of the Chinese Nation in School Education from the Perspective o f Mental Space Production. Journal of Research on Education for Ethnic Minorities, 31(4), 19-24.
Highlights of the Ariticle:
  • Students are the main body of Chinese national community consciousness cultivating,and schools are the main portal to stabilize students’Chinese national community consciousness.
  • From the entry point of mental space production,this study proposes that in order to cultivate the sense of Chinese national community,it is necessary to combine the sense of community with individual mental motivation,to combine individual’s knowledge renewal with emotional experience, and to combine the national community conciousness with the actual life of the individual.
  • On the basis of the above analysis,the author lists following suggestions for the space production of school education:
    • building a school physical space with diversified and multi-ethnic harmonious coexistence;
    • building a multi-ethnic,equal and inclusive school interpersonal space;
    • building systemic and rich knowledge space of Chinese national community consciousness;
    • creating a more vivid and profound school experience space for the Chinese national community consciousness.
  • From the point of view of the production of mental space,it is important to promote the Chinese national community consciousness to be generated in the mental space of students at school,and externalize it into the conscious behavior of students.
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