The individualism and collectivism of culture characteristics and their influence on emotional contagion

This research explores the cultural characteristics of Chinese college students, noting the evolving shift towards individualism while maintaining interdependent self-construction. The study, conducted through World Values Survey analysis and questionnaire-based assessments, reveals an increasing trend of individualistic behaviors among the younger generation, yet highlights the persistent influence of interdependence on emotional contagion abilities, particularly noting a negative correlation between anxious contagion and independent self-construction.

Light makeup decreases receivers’ negative emotional experience

This study explores the impact of makeup on emotional experiences during video chats, finding that makeup enhances perceived facial attractiveness, increases willingness to communicate, and weakens negative emotional experiences in response to angry and sad expressions. The research suggests that makeup influences emotional contagion and interpersonal communication, prompting consideration of the adaptiveness of the alleviated negative experiences associated with makeup use.